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How To Buy Crystal Hair Accessories From Online With

Crystal Hair Accessories

Many women go to great lengths just to make their hair beautiful. Some women even spend lots of money just to get and maintain that healthy and gorgeous looking hair. From having a specific haircut, coloring the hair, using different oils or chemicals, and teasing it to result in different styles, the hair is really part of a woman’s total look.

There are many ways to style the hair; they can be ponytails, pigtails, braided into many ways, clipped and many more. The hairstyle and hairdo can look even more beautiful with Crystal Hair Accessories.

Hair accessories can definitely add accent to the hair. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Each kind of hair accessory should be worn with the right hairstyle. Claw clips can be used to hold the hair in a bunched style, while hair combs are used to secure the hair in place in a flat and neat way. Pins are used to secure sections of hair in place, while barrettes are used to fasten and hold the hair in place.  There are also other hair accessories with different uses.

Hair accessories can also be stylish. Instead of using the regular, plain hair accessories for your hair, give it a bit more sophistication with Crystal Hair Accessories. has the perfect Crystal Hair Accessories for all hair types and any occasions. We have crystal bobby pins, hair clips, hair claws, hairpins, headbands, hair combs, ponytail holders and barrettes.

These hair accessories are encrusted with Swarovski crystals, Austrian crystals and rhinestones. The crystals are available in different colors and each hair accessory is intricately embellished to make them look elegant and stylish. The crystals give the hair accessories a elegant, luxurious look and feel.


Our hair accessories are suitable for all occasions. They can be used to complete a bridal or wedding party on that special day. With the use of our Crystal Hair Accessories, the bride is sure to look stunning. The Crystal Hair Accessories will also look good for the bridal party and will make them look even more glamorous. Girls can also use our accessories to secure their hair in place while performing for dance recitals. Most of all, our Crystal Hair Accessories can be used every day for either a casual or dressy occasion.

Crystal Hair Accessories also make great gift items. Girls of all ages will surely appreciate receiving our Crystal Hair Accessories because of their unique style. We can even make the gift more special by sending it together with a gift box and personalized gift card.

All of our items are high quality and affordable. You can quickly order through our website AllThingsTrendy.Com and we will respond to your requests and inquiries quickly. You can expect to receive your orders within the U.S. between 2 to 3 days from date of order. You can even use discount coupon codes which we will post in the Sales section or main page of our website. We can guarantee not only high quality products but also the best customer service!


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Delicate Crystal Hair Accessories For The Crowning Glory


Hair is touted as a woman’s crowning glory. Whether your hair is bob short chin length or long and flowy, it frames your face and adds depth to your entire being. Hairstyles often reflect your personality. It doesn’t matter whether you like to wear your hair down, up or sideways. Your hairstyle offers a glimpse of what your styles and tastes in life are.

Unleash the Delicate and Sparkly Side with Unique Hair Accessories

Whatever hairstyle you choose to rock, you need a trusty hair accessory to keep it in place. Several hair accessories are available to choose from, depending on your style and preferences. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to wear a unique hair accessory that will show some delicate and sparkly side? Why, of course, because all ladies love crystals! And has the perfect collection of rare and lovely Crystal Hair Accessories and crystal hair clips.

Shine, Shimmer and Sparkle in Women’s Hair

Add a touch of sparkle to your hair with beautiful Crystal Hair Accessories. Their accessories are all hand-set in authentic Swarovski crystals, adding a touch of elegant shine when worn on the hair. The online shop carries crystal flower hair pins, headbands that resemble lovely tiaras, and exquisitely designed bobby pins and hair combs. These are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and evening parties.

The site also offers various crystal hair clips that will surely further make your hair look beautiful. These hair clips come in lots of fine designs and are also set in exquisite Swarovski crystals. You may use these elegant clips during casual and formal gatherings.’s collection of crystal hair clips include pave-design clips, barrettes, floral designs, and many more.

Crystal Hair Accessories

Choosing and Buying these Hair Trinkets

All the above mentioned hair accessories are available at Simply visit the site and browse through their complete Crystal Hair Accessories and crystal hair clips collection. Don’t hesitate to purchase a clip or two. The shop offers affordable shipping within the U.S and even worldwide.

U.S.-based customers may expect their orders within 2-3 days from date of purchase. The site is also great for holiday gift shopping.  They will ship your order directly to the intended recipient, complete with elegant packaging and a free gift card with your personal message.

Give your crowning glory the elegant boost it deserves. Grab a delicate Crystal Hair Accessory and see all the gift items for her, from

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Crystal Gift Accessories –Comprises Of Unique Things To Offer Unique Baby Gifts

Crystal Gift AccessoriesThe feeling of her newborn baby in her arms is probably the best gift new mothers would ever receive after months of preparation. You might be wondering how your congratulatory gift would ever top that. Well, that’s probably tough to beat, but a congratulatory gift can still make the new mommy smile and feel appreciated. The best thing you can give a new mother is something that she and her baby can use. At you will find some of the best Crystal Gift Accessories in the new Baby Gifts category. Here are a few unique gift ideas.

Brush Sets

A baby’s first brush and comb set would be an ideal baby gift for the parents and the baby. This baby gift comes with a beautiful gift box for easy gift giving. It also has a cute crystal giraffe design. This baby gift also comes in a blue or a pink color.

Crystal Picture Frames

There would be many moments that new parents would certainly like to capture – the baby’s first photograph for instance. That is why; these crystal picture frames are excellent as baby gifts. The new mommy can store and display the baby’s memories in a more elegant manner with the crystal design. These Crystal Gift Accessories embellished with hand-set, genuine Swarovski crystals. They are also available in different designs to choose from. Crystal picture frames can be bought in a blue “It’s A Boy” design or a pink “It’s A Girl” design which can suit the baby’s sex. These crystal picture frames are a part of Anthony David Swarovski Crystal Gift Collection.

Crystal Piggy Banks

Crystal Piggy BanksAside from crystal picture frames, these luxurious crystal piggy banks would also be an amazing gift idea. In fact, we think that they would be the best gift to give since it would be different from traditional baby gifts. These crystal piggy banks have an all metal design and are also embellished with Swarovski crystals. The best part is these cute crystal piggy banks are available in different colors – blue, pink, purple and silver so you will have different options to choose from. Crystal piggy banks with heart designs are also available. Use these crystal piggy banks to save up some money and at the same time as home decoration. The size of this crystal piggy bank is 9.5 L x 7 W x 7.6 H, making it a perfect ornament. It also has an easy remove bottom plug so you can easily take out the money you have saved up when time comes. This adorable little Crystal Gift Accessories would be a one of a kind gift that will amuse the new mommy and the baby. Visit today and see all the great gift items. Be sure to look for the discount coupons on the site or use the “Contact Us” button to ask for the current promotions.

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Get The Best Ideas For Crystal Gift Accessories

Crystal Gift Accessories
Jewelry is always a safe choice for gift-giving and the online store has a vast range of crystal gift accessories to choose from. Here are some of our top picks.
1. Pink Crystal Ball Bracelet 

This is one of the Anthony David-designed jewelry that is studded with fuchsia pink Swarovski crystals. It has an all metal design and a strong stretch feature to make sure it would not break by the usual push-and-pull. This beautiful fuchsia pink crystal-studded bracelet is perfect for both the casual dresser and the glam trendsetter. It is best partnered with satin evening bags, which the site also offers and this bracelet comes in other colors.

2. Swarovski Crystal-Studded Bangle Bracelet

If you think your gift recipient prefers classic white crystal gift accessories, opt for this silver metal-plated slip-on bangle. It’s beautiful closing feature uses a magnetic spring-back design.

3.Crystal Cuff Stretch Bracelet

Another item from the crystal gift accessories collection, this silver metal-framed crystal cuff bracelet will steal any gal’s heart. It slips on easily because of the stretch design feature and is covered with clear Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Gift Accessories

If you favor the unconventional type of cuffs, you could opt for the  Pave Cuff Bracelet that is also covered with Swarovski crystals. The wide band version of this is covered with hematite-colored crystals and if you are looking for a stackable version of this, you’ll like the black crystal bangle.

4.Floral Bloom Crystal Bracelet

This clip-on designed crystal studded bracelet complements satin evening bags. Its metal frame is dark hematite-colored and is accentuated by hematite, black, clear, and gray Swarovski crystals. Combining form and function, the crystal bracelet is designed for an easy slip-on.

5.Ornate Bronze Cuff Slip-on Bracelet

If your gift recipient is more partial to elaborately designed cuff bracelets, the Turquoise Cuff Bracelet will be a perfect choice. This unique bracelet has a 16-mm turquoise stone and four smaller turquoise pieces. The ornate bronze cuff bracelet also comes in a simpler purple-dyed turquoise that is just effortlessly stunning.

Other kinds of jewelry, like earrings, necklaces, brooch pins, and hair accessories are also available at Plus, they have an average 2 to 3 day delivery time within the U.S. (they also ship internationally) so you don’t have to wait too long. You can place your order online or you can contact their Customer Service department by using the “Contact Us” tab on the site to place your order over the phone. And as an added convenience, you can even make arrangements to have the item delivered directly to your gift recipient with a personalized gift card. Visit today and see the large selection of Gift Items for Her!


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How To Find The Perfect Crystal Clutch Purses For Your Easter Party

Crystal Clutch Purses

With the Easter season just around the corner, there will be parties and outfits you will need to plan. Now, you can check at least one thing off that list: evening bags

The online store features a lot of classy and fancy pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Check out this list of evening bags that will definitely bag the Easter bunny’s approval.

1.Gold Oval Handbag With Swarovski Crystals

Show people that you are the golden egg with this fabulous egg-shaped evening handbag. It has a solid metal frame, making it durable enough to nest your belongings safely inside, but has a genuine leather lining so as to make the bag beautiful and sturdy. Designed by Anthony David, the bag boasts of a frame covered fully with real Swarovski crystals. Also, it’s a two-way bag as you can carry it as a clutch or as a shoulder bag.

2.Egg-Shaped Gold And Bronze Swarovski Crystal Clutch Purses

If you take these elegant egg Crystal Clutch Purses as your date to that Easter Egg Party, you are sure to be the center of attention. They have a giraffe print design and the lining is also made of genuine leather.  Each crystal is skillfully hand-set by an expert in a beautiful design which is identical on both sides. It comes in two colors: gold and bronze. The evening handbags can be carried as a clutch bag, worn as a wrist tassel, or toted as a shoulder bag.

Crystal Evening Bags

3.Crystal Studded Pig Clutch

If you don’t want to go with the “egg” theme but want to stay on the quirky side, this pink pig crystal-studded clutch should be your choice. This cute piggy purse is covered with light rose Swarovski crystals. Its solid brass frame, along with its chain, has a silver plated finish. It’s genuine leather lining is done in superior quality craftsmanship. If you choose to get one of these gorgeous evening bags, you are sure to get a lot of admiring looks.

Check out the online shop, as they carry an extensive collection of handbags, satin evening bags, and purses. It only takes an average of 2-3 days to receive your order in the United States. Plus, they also ship overseas.

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Informative Tips For Choosing The Crystal Gift Accessories

Crystal Gift Accessories

Choosing a right gift for some special people in our life can be challenging task. What can be a perfect gift item for a family member or a friend? How and where to select it? Will the recipient like it? These are some very common questions we all usually think of while selecting a gift item. When we want to gift someone close to us, we don’t like to settle with something ordinary. While buying a gift for your mom, dad, best friend or sweetheart, you’ll surely be ready to put in some extra effort. Giving personalized gifts to family members and friends is in vogue these days.

Here is a nice opportunity to make your love ‘crystal’ clear. Crystals, as we know, can work wonders when it comes to gift giving. Be it a wedding, anniversary, housewarming or just a special surprise for your guy or girl, crystals can convey just what you want to say. However, when it comes to gifting crystals be careful about authenticity and brands. For example, a Swarovski crystal or a Waterford crystal can speak for themselves than any other local made crystal ware.

Each item from the selection of Crystal Gift Accessories is encrusted with genuine and authentic Swarovski crystals, giving it an elegant and sophisticated vibe which makes it a perfect gift. offers items such as crystal compact mirrors, crystal lipstick cases, crystal perfume atomizers, crystal trinket boxes, crystal computer mouse, crystal key rings, crystal picture frames and more. Choose the items that matches that special woman’s personality or is perfect for any occasion.

Crystal Gift Accessories

Any gift is meaningful. But showing just how much you pay attention to your close friends’ senses of style is sure to warm their hearts, and is probably part of their goal when they put themselves together every morning. It’s always nice to have more accessories, especially ones that suit our personality, and it’s always touching when a friend notices our tastes (and helps us look fabulous all year round, of course). Such accessories are useful no matter what style suits you, it’s in the print, color, and overall combination that counts. Your friends can wear their scarf on a daily basis, save that crystal necklace for New Years and bring their clutch out for dinner, or any combination that suits them. Same goes for get-togethers, birthdays, going-away parties, you name it.

For your friend who frequents the opera or theatre, you can choose from the leopard or zebra designs of opera binoculars. For make-up savvy friends or females who simply love beauty products, gift them with compact mirrors for quick retouches or lipstick cases for an organized make-up compartment. There are many more items to choose from; just visit to browse for more gift ideas and designs.

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Crystal Evening Bags That Will Surely Glam You Up

Crystal Evening Bags

The holiday is just around the corner and sure, there will be a lot of evening parties to go to. You are probably already trying to figure out what to wear and what accessories to buy. Well, your evening party look is not complete without elegant crystal evening bags.

Crystal evening bags are elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous. These bags are statement pieces that will surely make you stand out. Even if you choose to wear a simple monochrome gown or cocktail dress, a sparkeling crystal purses will surely make you look chic, feminine, and sophisticated.

If you are looking for trendy, unique, and intricate formal evening bags, you should check out If you are looking for amazing crystal evening bags to use during holiday parties, AllThingsTrendy is the online store to go to.

Here are some of the unique and elegant Crystal Evening Bags that will surely help glam up your holiday party outfits!

Crystal Evening Bags

  1. Anthony David Black and Gray Crystal Evening Bag

This bag has a strong metal frame that’s embellished with small gray and black crystals. Both the front and the back of the bag is filled with precious stones. You can carry this as a clutch bag or you could use its intricately crafted detachable metal chain. This bag also comes with spare crystals, just in case.

  1. Anthony David Midnight Peacock Crystal Purse

If you want to make a fashion statement, this is the perfect purse for you. This is hands down, one of the most beautiful crystal evening bags in the market today. It is peacock-shaped and it is filled with aurora, blue, and red borealis crystals. It has a magnetic closure and it has a detachable metal chain, too. You can use this during your office Christmas party or any other holiday events.

  1. Zebra Crystal Clutch Purse Evening Bag

If you want to go for an elegant but exotic look, this is the perfect for you. This is one of the most elegant crystal clutch bags and it is filled with clear and black Swarovski crystals. This bag will surely make you look classy and sophisticated.

You can find more elegant crystal evening bags at Also, purchasing your bag from this website is easy breezy. You just have to create an account and start adding items to your shopping cart. Their average delivery time is two to three days in the U.S. and they have an easy return policy, if you should feel that the bag is not right for you. They sell different types of formal evening bags such as crystal purses, crystal clutch bags, satin clutch purses, and satin evening bags.