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Crystal Gift Accessories –Comprises Of Unique Things To Offer Unique Baby Gifts

crystaThe feeling of her newborn baby in her arms is probably the best gift new mothers would ever receive after months of preparation. You might be wondering how your congratulatory gift would ever top that. Well, that’s probably tough to beat, but a congratulatory gift can still make the new mommy smile and feel appreciated. The best thing you can give a new mother is something that she and her baby can use. At you will find some of the best Crystal Gift Accessories in the new Baby Gifts category. Here are a few unique gift ideas.

Brush Sets

A baby’s first brush and comb set would be an ideal baby gift for the parents and the baby. This baby gift comes with a beautiful gift box for easy gift giving. It also has a cute crystal giraffe design. This baby gift also comes in a blue or a pink color.

            Crystal Picture Frames

frame_girl_large_1There would be many moments that new parents would certainly like to capture – the baby’s first photograph for instance. That is why; these crystal picture frames are excellent as baby gifts. The new mommy can store and display the baby’s memories in a more elegant manner with the crystal design. These Crystal Gift Accessories embellished with hand-set, genuine Swarovski crystals. They are also available in different designs to choose from. Crystal picture frames can be bought in a blue “It’s A Boy” design or a pink “It’s A Girl” design which can suit the baby’s sex. These crystal picture frames are a part of Anthony David Swarovski Crystal Gift Collection.

                                                                                                   Crystal Piggy Banks


Aside from crystal picture frames, these luxurious crystal piggy banks would also be an amazing gift idea. In fact, we think that they would be the best gift to give since it would be different from traditional baby gifts. These crystal piggy banks have an all metal design and are also embellished with Swarovski crystals. The best part is these cute crystal piggy banks are available in different colors – blue, pink, purple and silver so you will have different options to choose from. Crystal piggy banks with heart designs are also available. Use these crystal piggy banks to save up some money and at the same time as home decoration. The size of this crystal piggy bank is 9.5 L x 7 W x 7.6 H, making it a perfect ornament. It also has an easy remove bottom plug so you can easily take out the money you have saved up when time comes. This adorable little Crystal Gift Accessories would be a one of a kind gift that will amuse the new mommy and the baby. Visit today and see all the great gift items. Be sure to look for the discount coupons on the site or use the “Contact Us” button to ask for the current promotions.

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The Waist Training Trend

Waist_Corset_7hHave you heard of Waist Training?  If you are a follower of Kim Kardashian or if you are active on social media, then you have probably heard of Waist Training. It is the latest beauty trend that has taken Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by storm.  If you are a frequent social media user, then chances are that you have seen or heard of waist trainers. The term “Waist Training” traditionally referred to the use of steel boned corsets to achieve an hourglass figure. By cinching your waist in a tight fitting corset, you were able to shrink the size of your waist for the look of a perfect figure. Every girl wants a perfect figure and although the use of corsets has lost popularity in today’s society, the new and updated waist trainer has become the latest trend.  The concept is the same as with a corset.  You cinch your waist with a tight fitting garment that you can adjust to different degrees of tightness. The difference in today’s waist trainer and yesteryear corsets is basically the material.  Corsets were bulky, expensive and hard to put on by you.

Waist_Corset_5h (1)With the updated waist trainer, they are easy to put on, made of a breathable, thin fabric, they have plenty of stretch for a comfortable fit and they are adjustable.  You can easily put your Waist Trainer on before you put your clothes on.  Then once you are dressed, you instantly have a perfect, hourglass figure.  You can wear it for as long as you want or as little as you want.  They are easy to take off and the small size allows them to be folded up and stored in your purse, carry-on bag or gym bag. In addition to a perfect figure, they also give your back support and they help with posture correction.  While wearing a waist trainer, you will also notice that you do not eat as much as you normally would without the waist trainer.  That is because the tightness doesn’t allow your stomach to stretch and expand as much as it would if you were not wearing the waist trainer. There are many benefits to a waist trainer and there are many places where you can find them, but at you will find waist trainers and thermal tank tops at the most affordable prices and super fast shipping.

Waist TrainingDon’t pay expensive prices and wait for weeks or months to receive your purchase. At ALLTHINGSTRENDY.COM, your item will arrive in approximately 2-3 days in the U.S.A. and you will find extremely affordable prices. In the Beauty Essentials collection at, you will also find great beauty trend items such as Magnetic Eyelashes, Makeup Brushes, beauty tools waist trainers and more. Visit today and see all the great purses, Jewelry, gifts, accessories and beauty essentials at the best price which is perfect for the upcoming holiday gift giving season. So hurry up and get the reservation soon. Also you connect with us to visit our Facebook Fan Page or our Blog Page to know more About Us.


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Get The Best Tips How To Choosing The Crystal Gift Accessories

Swarovski crystals1Deciding upon a correct reward for some precise folks in our life can also be difficult project. What could be a excellent present object for a loved one’s member or a friend? How and where to decide on it? Will the recipient adore it? These are some very common questions we all mainly feel of at the same time determining a reward object. Once we want to reward anyone practically us, we don’t wish to settle with anything ordinary. Even as purchasing a reward in your mother, dad, nice pal or sweetheart, you’ll absolutely be in a position to position in some further effort. Giving personalized gifts to household participants and friends is in vogue in this day and age.

small_keyring_heart_gold_1Here’s a quality possibility to make your love ‘crystal’ clear. Crystals, as we know, can work wonders in relation to present giving. Be it a wedding, anniversary, housewarming or just a specified shock in your guy or girl, crystals can bring just what you need to claim. Nonetheless, on the subject of gifting crystals watch out about authenticity and brands. For example, a Swarovski crystal or a Waterford crystal can speak for themselves than every other regional made crystal ware.

mouse_pink_1Every object from the choice of Crystal Gift Accessories is encrusted with exact and authentic Swarovski crystals, giving it an elegant and complicated vibe which makes it a excellent gift. AllThingsTrendy.Com presents gadgets similar to crystal compact mirrors, crystal lipstick instances, crystal perfume atomizers, crystal trinket containers, crystal laptop mouse, crystal key rings, crystal image frames and more. Prefer the items that fit that special girl’s persona or are excellent for any party.

RedLipsNecklace_1Any reward is significant. However displaying simply how so much you pay awareness to your shut acquaintances’ senses of kind is certain to warm their hearts, and is often part of their purpose after they put themselves collectively each morning. It can be at all times first-rate to have more components, particularly ones that suit our character, and it can be always touching when a pal notices our tastes (and helps us look fantastic all year round, of direction). Such add-ons are valuable no matter what style fits you, it is in the print, color, and overall mixture that counts. Your associates can wear their scarf on a every day basis, retailer that crystal necklace for brand new Years and carry their grab out for dinner, or any combination that suits them. Identical goes for get-togethers, birthdays, going-away parties, you name it.

Swarovski crystals123For your pal who frequents the opera or theatre, you can opt for from the leopard or zebra designs of opera binoculars. For make-up savvy buddies or females who effortlessly love magnificence merchandise, gift them with compact mirrors for rapid retouches or lipstick instances for a geared up make-up compartment. There are many more objects to pick from; simply seek advice from ALLTHINGSTRENDY.COM to browse for extra present strategies and designs.

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Magnetic Eyelashes Are The Latest Trend For New Generation


At some stage in records, long, complete eyelashes, had been considered more attractive and stylish. As we age, our eyelashes come to be thinner and greater sparse. Girls tend to apply eyeliner to give their eyes a extra dramatic appearance but having lengthy, eyelashes make all the difference. Within the 1920’s false eyelashes became popular with actresses because they made your eyes lovelier on film and stage. They also helped to prevent the glare from the above electric powered stage lighting fixtures. Through the 1930’s, false eyelashes had been anywhere. They were visible on all the top fashion magazines which include fashion and models posed with extreme versions of lashes.

eyelashes_image_1Make-up became always used to accentuate your looks however now false eyelashes took beauty to a new degree. Within the 1970’s and in the 90’s, eyelashes fell in reputation due to the fact the greater herbal look turned into desired. As with everything, false eyelashes have made a huge come returned in brand new splendour world. With Make-up training and pointers trending on social media, false eyelashes have make-up just as essential as eye shadow.

eyelashes_image_5The make-up and state-of-the-art crazes in fake eyelashes are Magnetic Eyelashes. Fake lashes have been usually connected in your eyes with glue or some form of adhesive. This can be messy and after make-duple of makeup makes use of, a build makeup of glue precipitated you to throw your lashes out. The brand new Magnetic Eyelashes use micro-magnets to keep your lashes in place so no glue is worried. The procedure of putting those lashes on isn’t very complex. First, you vicinity one false magnetic lash on pinnacle of your very own lash, ensuring it’s miles sitting near the root of your lash. Then you carefully vicinity the second magnetic lash beneath your lash in order that the magnets line makeup and entice to the magnets on the pinnacle lash.  as soon as the magnets appeal to every different, that is it, your lashes are on.

Given that there’s one fake lash on pinnacle of your personal lash and one fake lash under your own lash, you get a three dimensional impact. This outcome in fuller, greater dramatic lashes. after you are done sporting your lashes, you gently pull the lashes apart and you can reuse time and again. you can discover those popular lashes ON SALE at

you’ll locate many objects within the new splendour essentials collection at together with the brand new Magnetic Eyelashes. is located in Texas and delivery in the United States of America is about 2-3 days. Be sure to visit nowadays and do that contemporary craze for yourself.

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Anthony David Crystal Evening Bags

Crystal Evening BagsAnthony David Crystal Evening Bags are skillfully embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals intricately attached by hand. The exterior has a glare and shimmer when dim light hits them during the night. These bags are the perfect accessory especially when attending luxurious occasions.

At, you will find classic styles but you will also find trendy novelty shapes – uniquely shaped crystal evening bags inspired from beautiful animals and objects.

These bags come in fully covered Swarovski crystals, stylish chains, and metal finishing, and push button snap closure feature. All these products have the Anthony David name plate inside, cover bags, and gift boxes.

Anthony David Crystal Handbags are of superior quality materials and craftsmanship. Swarovski crystals are used along with solid metal finishes and genuine leather trims.

Animal inspired Crystal Evening Bags

Crystal Evening BagsThe Anthony David Penguin Crystal Handbag comes with a solid brass metal frame and chain with silver electroplated finish and is covered in either sapphire blue aurora borealis or clear and jet black Swarovski crystals. The interior of these bags are lined in a made of quality genuine leather.

Crystal Evening BagsThe Anthony David Cat Crystal Handbag novelties come in two variations: the Maneki-neko Lucky Cat and the Silver Cat. Both designs have solid brass metal frame with fully covered Swarovski crystals. What sets them apart are the color and intricacies. They both have a herringbone-styled shoulder chain with silver and gold electroplated finishing.  They make the perfect gift for any cat lover. 

Crystal Evening BagsOther animal inspired designs are the Anthony David Dog Crystal Handbags. You have the option of the Black or Silver Labrador Retriever designs. There is also the Midnight Peacock design with intricate pave set crystals in different shades of red, blue crystals. There is also a Silver Peacock, Vibrant Elephant, Ganesha Elephant, Golden Butterfly and a Silver Horse which are just a few of the designs in the collection.

Object inspired Crystal Evening Bags

The Anthony David Tomato Crystal Evening Bag comes with solid brass metal frame with gold plate finishing covered entirely in red and emerald green Swarovski crystals. 

Other object inspired Anthony David handbags are Roses, Hearts, Stars, Flowers, and even a Ruby Slipper. offers coupon codes which can be found at the site’s main page. If you are interested, kindly visit the site to purchase these glamorous evening bags. You can also have your purchased shipped to a gift recipient and the delivery time in the U.S. is approximately 2-3 business days.   


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Swarovski Crystal Writing Pens: For Scribbling With Fashion

Crystal Writing PensOur society values writing on print for daily transactions such as affixing one’s signature for bank transactions, deliveries, purchase orders, examinations, etc. Hence, despite innovations in technology, like online transactions/shopping, pens are still an important need (or accessory).

Crystal Writing Pens not only make the purpose of writing but also to bring aesthetics to ordinary pens. It is a great gift choice to give crystal writing pens to family, friend, and loved ones.

Anthony David’s Metal Ball Point Pens are encrusted with Swarovski crystals which are all hand-set. They make an ordinary writing instrument into an extraordinary and luxury gift item.

All Things Trendy Offers Anthony David Writing Pens With Swarovski Crystals

So far, All Things Trendy© offers eleven different Swarovski Crystal Writing Pens. Anthony David metal ballpoint pens with crystal blue, coral, green, peach, pink, red, and silver Swarovski crystals are sold for $30 USD. Meanwhile, it is $36 USD for Aurora Borealis gold, fade to black, fade to pink, and floral design varieties. Since these pens are refillable, a set of three pen ink refills are sold separately for $15 USD.

What makes them special out of other pens mostly lies on the crystal intricacies covering the all metal exterior which in turn gives novelty and a unique design. They are also perfect as complement to other fashion items with Swarovski  Crystal Purse also such as evening bags.

Features Of Swarovski Crystal Writing Pens

Crystal Writing Pens

Anthony David Metal Ballpoint pens come with solid tones metal of choice depending on crystal color shades with refillable ink barrel. They are also encased in signature protective storage boxes and travel pouches when given. Delivery time usually take 2-3 days in the US.

Crystal Writing Pens

Crystal Writing Pens are functional and at the same time trendy, for women of all ages. You can make your purchase from and have your gift shipped directly to the gift recipient and include a free personalized gift card.

For inquiries, concerns, and clarifications, please don’t hesitate to visit ALLTHINGSTRENDY.COM which offers coupon codes accessed via the main page. The online shop offers Anthony David Swarovski encrusted crystal products ranging from pens, evening bags, gifts and trendy beauty essentials.

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Add A Touch Of Elegance With Crystal Hair Accessories From Allthingstrendy.Com

Special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, formal events, and other important celebrations in your life deserve a beautiful look complete with Crystal Hair Accessories from These accessories lend an elegant feel to your look that no other hair accessory can. Whether you want to put your hair tied up or pinned down, we have the accessory that will hold them all in.

Crystal Hair Accessories

One of the most popular and classic design in hair accessory are flowers. You will find floral themed Crystal Hair Accessories at These flowers come in different colors and designs. The Swarovski Crystals add a touch of color to each hair style. Butterfly design is one of the most popular designs for hair accessories. has different styles that are trendy and affordable.

If you are about to get married or are going to attend a wedding sometime soon, why not go for Beautiful Bridal Crystal Hair Accessories for that special day. We can help you find a hair accessory that can bring the shine to your wedding look. If you are a bridesmaid or part of the bridal party, you can each get your own souvenir for the wedding by getting matching hair accessories. Buy one for every member of the bridal entourage and add a thank you note to tell your friends and family that you are glad that they could come. You can also use these accessories as giveaways for your wedding.

Crystal Hair AccessoriesYou do not have to fret if there is no special occasion for you to attend. You can always wear these gorgeous accessories for every day wear. These are not too sparkly that they start becoming too distracting nor do they look dull that they don’t get noticed enough. You can make a boring everyday outfit have more pizzazz with these glittery pieces.

Whether you are looking for hair clips, hair combs, or even hair claws, you will be able to find all of them at They have small and big designs to fit every type of hair and every type of budget. Most of the items you will find at are reasonably priced so you won’t have to worry too much about the cost. There are also coupon codes which can be found on the main site page. Just enjoy the beauty that these Crystal Hair Accessories bring and show the world how beautiful your hair really is.