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Great Ways To Find Your Crystal Hair Accessories

Crystal Hair Accessories

Whether you would like to create a modern wedding look or a romantic hairstyle, accessories for your hair can help you polish your bridal image. There are a variety of accessories on the market today to suit any bride’s style or wedding theme. Here is a short list of popular wedding hair accessories to help you look beautiful on your special day.

One of the promises of the Swarovski crystal accessory is to give glamour to every woman on her very special day. The hair plus that accessory will make the bride look amazing. She becomes the princess on that day. The hair is perfectly done and the accessory is ideally elegant and sophisticated.

Even a simple tousled look or a simple wedding style needs a very beautiful and attractive bride. That is why the hair accessories have become on the most important aspect in every bride’s total appearance. Using the Swarovski Crystal Hair Accessories like the hairpins, combs, and hairclips – the hair is perfectly styled and accentuated.

Crystal Hair Accessories

A pretty hair accessory can pump up even the most flat looking hairstyle. There are several accessories we can choose from, starting from decorated bobby pins and till the headbands. Hair accessories add a soft and glamorous touch to the hair, radiating elegance. It is a very feminine way to create unique hairstyles out of the nothing and to spice up any look. Also, they are appropriate for any occasion, even for everyday use.

You can find a selection of clips that are work appropriate. Work outfits are usually subtle and simple. These Crystal Hair accessories can help make you stand out from the crowd. You may want to take a look at this Silver Crystal Hair Clip with Swarovski Crystals. It is elegant and minimalistic. It is an accent piece that you can wear with most of your classic work ensembles.

Brides and bridesmaids may also want to look at the bridal hair clips which are on sale. Check out this Anthony David Hair Pin Set with Swarovski Crystal. The AllThingsTrendy website has a page dedicated to bridal accessories for your special day. Make your shopping experience easier by shopping at


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The Rich History Of Elegant Crystal Bags

Crystal Bags

You see Hollywood actresses carrying evening crystal bags during red carpet events. These crystal evening bags make them look more glamorous, classy, and sophisticated. It is carried by the most elegant, beautiful, and powerful women. But, what’s the origin of these crystal purses?Well, crystal bags have been used since the 13th century. During this time, the crystal evening bags were sewn and pieced together from elaborate wall decorations that have rich and intricate embroidery. Even in the 14th century, the crystal evening purse had become a status symbol and it was carried by the most affluent and wealthy women. The more elaborate the purse was, the wealthier the woman carrying.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, formal evening bags were crocheted in the shapes of animals and fruits. But, as women start to carry more stuff for the parties, the evening bags have become bigger.

During the early 1900s, the evening bags are more stylish and feminine. During this time, Crystal Evening Bags are becoming common and popular party accessories.

During the 1930s, small crystal bags called minaudiere were created. These jeweled bags are used by socialites and the movie stars during formal evening events. Fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Bottega Veneta also produced interesting and elegant evening purses in the 1950s.

Crystal Bags

During the 1960s, a young fashion designer named Judith Leiber established a handbag business. Her amazing and beautiful crystal bags are worn by women of wealth and high social status. Judith Leiber made these satin clutch purses and crystal purses popular. Her evening bags were carried by popular movie stars and Presidential first ladies.

The 1970s was the age of glam rock and during this time, Judith Leiber made the crystal evening bags even more popular. She was called the Queen of Clutch as she designed the most elegant and interesting formal evening bags during this era.

Today, Hollywood elites and affluent women still carry these amazing bags. But, you do not need to break the bank to carry an elegant crystal bag. You do not even have to go to luxury boutiques. You can find classy and unique crystal evening bags in an amazing website called These crystal bags are reasonably priced and they are made of beautiful Swarovski crystals and high quality leather linings and metals. These timeless evening bags are great statement pieces.