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How to Choose Crystal Clutches To Complete Your Look

Crystal Clutches

Crystal clutches have a way of pulling off a look that you just can’t achieve with a typical clutch, or even handbags. The fact is that there are times when you need something that really pulls in people and makes you stand out of a crowd.

Having crystal clutches is one thing of making sure this happens since crystal tends to reflect light, turning you into a veritable walking spotlight. Keep in mind though that not all crystal clutches are the same. It’s important that you manage to find one that works for your needs, your personality, your body type and essentially, the event you’re going to.

Crystal Clutches

Here are some tips on how to make this happen!

Body Type

Simply put, your Crystal Clutches should be directly proportional to your body type. If you’re petite, then smaller, slimmer clutches would be perfect. However, if you’re on the curvaceous side then something bigger would do. The clutch must fit perfectly in your hand and do not crowd your body or make it seem too large.

Clutch Content

A clutch typically contains credit cards, an ID, some money, mobile phone, and whatever else you might need when going out. Look for something with enough space so that you’ll be able to carry the things you need for the night. The beauty of clutches is that although they may look small, they often have sufficient space for everything a girl needs when partying.

Crystals and Colors

Some clutches are studded with crystals while others only have a strategic pattern to show on the surface. Your choice doesn’t really matter since all crystal clutches can be quite attention catching, especially when used during the night time. Note though that if you really want to make an impression, the clutch should match your wardrobe perfectly. That being said considers all the different clothes you have – what clutch would match majority of those outfits? Choose that one! Of course, there are instances when you’ll be buying a clutch for a specific dress, but for economic reasons – a clutch that works for two or more outfits should be perfect!


You might be surprised at how Crystal clutches can vary in shapes. Some are your basic rectangle while others are a little more creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment and do a little searching for differently-shaped clutches.

Lastly, don’t forget to read reviews about this product! Who are the people who ordered it and were they happy with the purchase? You’ll find that what people have to say can really help in your final decision when buying.